• Tomato with African salt

      Fresh tomato with salt from Africa.

    • Ugandan Dried Fruits

      Dried fruits from Uganda.

    • Cracker with Guacamole

      Homemade guacamole with crackers.

    • Chinchinga Chicken

      Chinchinga Chicken

      Ghanaian style fried chicken. Coated with flavory spice "chinchinga'.

    • Fried Banana

      Fried Banana

      Deep fried green banana. Soft and flavorful.

    • Fried Cassava

      Fried Cassava

      Cassava is a root tuber found in the tropics. Nicely fried. Goes well with beer.

    • French Fries

      Nicely deep fried fries to begin with!

    • Stir fried cassava and banana with garlic

      You can enjoy both cassava and banana on one plate!


    • Rolex


      Not a watch!! Ugandan favorite street food. Egg, chicken (or fish), herbs and spices rolled in a tortilla.Roll + Eggs = ROLEX!!

    • African Ramen Noodle Soup

      African Ramen Noodle Soup

      Ramen noodle in a soup with African spices. Meat and vegetables come together.

    • Kaunga & Today's Stew

      Kaunga & Today's Stew

      Corn flower bread Kaunga (also called Ugali) with today's special stew.

    • Wandamanda Stew

      Spinach and herb juicy gravy chicken.

    • Jollof Rice with Pepe Soup

      West African Jollof rice with spicy tomato base Pepe soup.

    • Saffron Rice

      Flavory saffron rice served on a hot pan.

    • Couscous


      Couscous is a rice like North African staple made from wheat.

    • DESERT

    • Blue Banana Waffle

      Blue Banana Waffle

      Parfait like waffle plate with ice cream, fresh fruits and blue banana! (S :¥600/L:¥1000)

    • DRINKS

    • BEERS

      Yebisu Draft (Small: ¥500/Big:¥700)
      Bass Pale Ale
      Blue Moon (All ¥800)
      Red Eye (¥700)
      Shandy Gaff (¥700)

    • Cocktails

      Gin, Vodka,Rum, Tequila, Whiskey etc.... Choose your favorite base (¥800〜)African alcohol available as well.

    • Wine & Chanpagne

      Red & White (Glass ¥800/Bottle ¥5000)
      Moet & Chandon (¥10000)
      Pompa D'or (¥5000)

    • Non Alcohol

      Orange Juice, Grape Fruit Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Tomato Juice (¥500)
      Red bull, Coke, Ginger ale, Soda, Tonic, Oolong Tea (¥500)